My Interview with Poverty

Mind's Seat

God why poverty

I spent some time speaking with Poverty today

I asked, “Why do you exist?”

He said, “It’s because in this world there is too much greed

There are many who care, but also many who refuse to share

There are too many tied to the things they own

Their hi-tech gadgets, their Smart Phone

Is it any wonder people feel so alone?

They think things will make them happy

They wonder why they feel so crappy

Inside they are filled with poverty of spirit



They think no one for them does care

You try to tell them this truth, but they refuse to hear it.”

I asked Poverty, “What can we do to help those who feel

poor in both body and spirit?”

Poverty looked me straight in the eye

This was his reply

“When you see someone hungry for food, thirsting for love

never pass them by

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