Homosexuality is the end of our civilization.



I never thought that this will worry me. But I can not stay calm seeing immorality being promoted in the world I live. Homosexuality. I can not understand people who actually support it. Cant they see that this is the end of our civilization?! One of the main objectives of homosexuality is to decrease birth rate. You might say No! «Partners» (I can not call them family) ready to grow children. Really? How many 1 or 2?

If our parents generation goal was to change and make world nicer. The current generation is worried about all the “rights” being respected. They make these rights and do not care what are the consequences of these rights.

The world cries out that it is necessary to legalize homosexual marriages. Hey wait! Ive looked only at America. You know its really huge and you will not believe it’s not even 5% of all…

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