#HolyShareathon Movies

Hello beautiful people of God,

I found something on youtube, called HolySharathon, where this Christian director named Darren Wilson who made four hit films about the power of God’s love and awesome POWER move through people all over the world and catching these wonderful and miraculous moments on camera! I never watched any of his movies, I only saw the trailers and they were enough for me to say, wow. How I heard of him was from TBN website but I was led to look up these films up and watch their trailers and like I said, wow. Then I found a link from youtube advertising this thing Darren Wilson is doing to share his four Christian moving films for the world to see for FREE, online. Here is the link where you can still catch a few of his films: http://store.wpfilm.com/flv-holyshareathon/

The movie that is currently showing is called “Furious Love”. Now know that this is only up for a day and the next film comes on and then after a day, then the next leading up to the final countdown to Mr. Wilson recent film called HOLY GHOST REBORN. If you don’t know it now you know, look it up on youtube, the trailers looks so awesome and they are so moving because they are real life stories. Stories about people who are broken who is looking for a Savior and you know his name, JESUS. If you are led, please share this link: http://store.wpfilm.com/flv-holyshareathon/ every where you possibly can. If you would pray and discern, test the spirits because I know not everyone is necessarily familiar about this type of movement because it is bold and very fresh and very REAL. I do hope you enjoy and learn something great about how God is truly moving and working and LOVING.

Thank you everyone and be blessed!

God loves you!


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