Becoming Better Givers Part 2: Rationalizing When/When Not To Give

Let me get straight to the point; there’s a time to give and there is a time to receive but I think at one point we have all been guilty of talking ourselves out of giving X to somebody else. I’ve been there, done that and I could do it again but I do not want to go there again. Here’s the thing, in a way there will always be something else that we need, something else that we want, something else that X could go towards or whatever else. Now granted, the Lord does want us to be wise in what we do with what he has given us; if he has provided the need and you just gave it away and now you have nothing though HE has provided…then perhaps that is not giving wisely. However, there’s a difference between real need & rationalizing reasons on why we can’t give. The word of God does not say “give only when you are full”, it says GIVE! I kid you not, there will always be something but that something can not be what holds us back from giving when we should be giving.

I do not mean to jump to conclusions, but maybe you could afford to give more of your time if you did not tie yourself with fifty million matters concerning yourself. Maybe you could afford to give more of your paycheck if you did not but that new 2015 car when you had the same car just as a 2014. Regardless of whatever it is where X could be spent towards ourselves, we can not only choose to give when we figure in our head that we have “enough” because more often than not, it’s never enough…at least in our minds. If we use that rationalization in determining whether or not we give whatever it may be, I think some of us will never get around to giving. One popular/common bible story is when a poor women gave the last coin that she had, not the first or a few hundred but the last coin. ( Mark 12). It was less about how much she gave and more about how/what she gave. If we want to be rich in heart, than we ought to be rich in giving. Let us stop talking ourselves out of giving when it is the will of God for us to give and let us be led to give in our hearts.

~ baaps


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