LOVE surely wins! (Open letter to the Church regarding the decision of the US Supreme Court)

This is so true! Faith without good works is just as unfruitful without faith with good works. We need to show our love for Jesus Christ as well as for others who may not know who he is but through us, as we know who he is, they would see him through us. This is so hard to come by some of the time because of our flesh; even as Christians our flesh can get in the way because we are human. But with the strength and comfort by the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, we can be guided and strengthen by our Lord to really establish the foundation of faith because God is the TRUE love in faith and there none like his love. This is the truth we know because we, as practicing Christians, have a personal relationship with him.
God bless you!

Spark from afar

(photo not mine) (photo not mine)

It’s really hard to “oppose” when they are “POLITICALLY” correct. How will you defend your case when they don’t believe in the Bible and worse, some twist the meaning just to gain approval? Of course, I would rather be politically wrong and “unpopular” rather than go against my conviction (BIBLICALLY correct).

But to my dear brethren, I guess, the question really now is, what shall we do now that they have made it the law of the land (at least in the US)? Every time I think of that, I can’t help but reflect, what have we done or have not done in the first place as a church? It’s sad sometimes that our attention is usually caught only when the damage has already been done – we try to repair but where were we when it was still time to “prevent” things from happening?

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