Becoming Better Givers Part 1: Who’s the Owner ?

Today, I want to talk to you guys about giving as it has been something placed upon my heart and on my mind more presently. As much as I do love to give and do understand the importance of giving; I have been struggling with giving sincerely and without hesitation. It was not until a few weeks ago now that I have had some sort of conviction within me about giving and the many factors associated with being the giver that the Lord wants us to be. That being said, instead of turning this into some long-winded post, I wanted to break up my thoughts about giving into several parts. I hope that if you have any comments, suggestions, advice, etc on the matter yourself that you will not hesitate to join in the conversation. Here’s how I will address the topic:

Part 1: Recognizing that what we have is not ours; it is the Lord

Part 2: Rationalizing when and when not to give….

Part 3: Giving is not about just about giving away what we do not want…

Part 4: Teaching each other on the necessity of giving; not just to spend and save….

Part 5: God & Giving Conclusion

To begin with Part 1, I think there is not much explaining needed to be said about what this principle is; but if we can truly accept, believe and live out this principle; we will all be on our way to being better givers. What is the principle/concept ? We need to recognize that what we have is NOT ours in the first place; it is the Lord’s. Let’s face it, we are selfish individuals and we want to attribute what we want to attribute to ourselves first then give the rest to God; but the truth is IT ALL is his.While my main focus here is going to be on monetary giving, this concept really does apply in all areas of giving…be it time, ability, labor, etc.

Who has blessed you with the job in which you got that paycheck from ? God. Who has blessed you with the ability/capability to be able to go do that job ? God. The Lord provides our needs and he gives us what we need in order to do so; so if that is true then why is it that when we receive our paycheck at the end of the week or that allowance from our parents; etc we don’t give him any credit. If your receiving something then there ought to be some thanks going on! However, more often than not, there is not. It is what we are going to do with our money..what we deserve…..from the efforts of us alone and its going to only benefit us. Sadly, that’s how we think. But there needs to be a change in our mindset because when we fixate our focus on “It is MINE MINE MINE” when it really is his his his, giving becomes more and more difficult to do. Mine = selfish, His = Selfless. We are too often focused on how this money is going to benefit us, how we need to buy this or get that when first we need to focus on him and realize that it is his. I think once we flip our thinking to that it is HIS first, then we won’t be so consumed with “my this, my that” so that we can focus on other people…someone or something other than ourselves. I can speak to this myself very recently because I have been blessed so I decided to give X but when I gave it, in the back of my mind I thought that what I gave could have been spent on me. But then I had to say to myself over and over, THIS ( what I have been blessed with) is NOT just mine, it’s HIS first and because it is his, I am to use it to bless other people. God blesses us so that we can bless others. If God is for others, and he is, then I ought to be with what is his in the first place….let me be generous, kind and humble because that is what God is.

If you don’t believe that it is his, then I would suggest saying it to yourself over and over until it is imprinted in your head and on your heart….I know I was repeating this over and over in my head. I still struggle to this very moment with putting back the self and focusing on him but we have to remember it is his, not ours. Let IT GO and give it to the owner!

~ baaps


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