S.O.S Box To BeLoved Atlanta: Sent!

It has now been a over a week but nevertheless I wanted to share with you guys that our box to BeLoved Atlanta, an non-profit organization based in Atlanta dedicated to helping women who are victims of sexual exploitation, has been sent off. In January, I shared with you guys what the organization was about and expressed that I wanted G.B.Y.S to be able to contribute to something on their needs list as it’s important to show your love to other people in not just words but in action. So, we managed to build a box full of feminine products, yes those pricy items that we can’t see life without now, and bundled them into a box to be sent to Atlanta. Though I do not know whether they received the box or not, Bonnibel wrote a small letter to go with the box just expressing an appreciation for what they were doing. So, on behalf of G.B.Y.S, here’s a picture of the box below:


I hope that in the future, we can continue to show organizations our support but also to show love to the people around us who need our support. Whether it’s helping out your brother, your sister in Christ, that stranger who is on the side…God wants us to help, to care and to ultimately love each other because he loved us first.. Look out soon for our next community project 🙂

~ Bre


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