You are worth more than many sparrows

God Bless You, Sister

There are many who put a price on many things.

They put a price on human beings.

But you are more than many farthings,

You are priceless.

If it seems you are not

Its only a lie,

To make you angry

To make you cry.

Don’t follow your heart,

It also deceives.

But follow his voice,

His voice does not sting.

His voice of love and mercy,

The sound of many seas.

Heals the sick, mends the wounded,

Makes the darkness flee.

Don’t you know?

That the very hairs on your head are numbered.

What would have happened,

If they would have listened,

To the men that treated them evil so.

Tied them, bound them on a rock.

Never letting them go.

If some did not open their eyes to see,

That they were meant to be free.

They would have not seen

That the rock was Jesus’.

And God is…

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