Celebrate The Differences

Yesterday, I came across a sermon by Dr. Adrian Rogers, a baptist pastor, called “Celebrate the Differences“. The message really was about how God made women and men different for his good reason and how we ought to celebrate the differences in that God did not make us the same; he made us equally, differently to be what we are; Woman and Man. While there were some points that he made that may bring you to look sideways ( I know it did for me), his overall points were very valid. Sure, there were several generalizations made, and he noted that it was more generalized, but one can not deny the work of God’s hands in how he made us.; it is evident. I left the message feeling glad that God created me to be a Women, not inferior to men, not like a man, but to stand differently besides the man. This sermon really reminded me of an older post that I made awhile back now on another blog that I had that I wanted to share with you today because it kind of reiterated some points that he made. I guess what I want you to take from this post is that though we, as women, had have our differences held against us for decades ( and in many ways, they still are), do not think God made us lesser than because the works of God are GOOD always. There’s nothing wrong with being a women, the problem is with the attitudes of society about women! Instead of trying to assimilate/to be like them/ and/or to compete with them, we ought to celebrate and embrace and love the differences:

I support the notion that Women are not just homemakers; that we can and do fit into the role of more than just the Domestic role. I support the idea that Women are equal to men and that there is no superiority/inferiority between the two; and that women should therefore have equal treatment in education, job opportunities, etc. I support the idea that women can/should be independent, can provide for herself and has so much worth standing by herself (she does not need a man to validate her in anything in this life). That being said…however….God did not create women and men the same for a reason and I think that ought to mean something.

We are equal but we are different; and it’s okay that we are different ( not for our differences to be held against us but for them to be acknowledged). As a girl growing up today, you hear things like: “Women can do what a man can/if not better than a man can” or “If I can pay for X than I should because I can provide for myself as I don’t need a man to provide for me.” While it’s great that we are telling girls that they don’t need a man to be validated, encouraging them to be independent, letting them know that they are strong, etc….they need to know that it’s not a competition of man versus women. We can not deny, as women, that God did create women differently than men. A man can not do everything a woman can and a woman can not do everything a man can. A man can do some things a woman can not and a woman can do some things a man can not do. That is what it is and those facts should not be used to hold up against each other; and right now I am really talking to the ladies out there. Sometimes we so fixated on just proving that we can do without a man, that we don’t need a man, that we are better than men…that we forget that it’s okay to be a lady too. NO, we shouldn’t sit back and be directed by men like we are inferior/only their mates/only their server. NO, we should not put up with the double standard ( and use it for our advantage) when we should get equal treatment like men. The list can go on but understand that we are not MEN! If God wanted a woman to do everything a man could, he would have made it that way. If God wanted a man to do everything a women could, he would have made it that way. Can we let a man do what they do and a women do what they do without always trying to challenge/out do /judge one another ? Adrian Rogers, a southern Baptist pastor, said that God did not have women to be she-men and men to be he-women.

If a gentleman wants to open the door, let him open the door. It does not have to be a matter of “Oh, I am capable of opening my own door. I don’t need a man to open my door because that would mean that he is this and that “. If the gentleman wants to pay for dinner on the first date, it does NOT have to be a matter of ” I got my own money, I can buy my own meal and HIS if I want to “. Not everything is a threat to our independence…I’m just saying.

Turning the page….

If I want to be in the kitchen, if I want to be domesticated, if I want to be a stay at home mom, if I hold traditional ideas, let’s not throw each other under the bus of judgement. Doing those things don’t make me inferior or less of a strong woman. There’s nothing wrong with knowing how to cook, gardening, knowing housekeeping and whatever else people say fits into “being a women”. The problem does not even lie in doing those things. The problem was that those roles were assigned to us and held against us as the only things we should/could be doing!

To conclude, there’s nothing wrong as a lady to let the men be men and women, women. We don’t have to do it all, ALL THE TIME! Some of us come from situations where we do have to “wear the pants”, fight the fights and lead the home but it does not have to be like that all the time and God did not even mean for it to be like that. God created male and female in his image so we are EQUAL but make no mistake….he created the male AND AND AND the female for a reason. Women , we can not do it all, be it all, give it all, provide it all, have it all..and vice versa with men. Let everything not be a competition please…

~ Bre


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