A Thought for A Thought: Women Play Apart In Their Own Exploitation

I have heard on multiple occasions, especially being a young lady, how women are being exploited in the media and elsewhere and how men have/are degrading women and this and that. However, for me, what has always stood out is how the women have played a role in further perpetuating it all. Perhaps I am a bit naive and simplistic in my thinking at times, but the men can not exploit what the women don’t put out in the first place. The men can not use what we do not give them to use. Now I am speaking for the United States at the moment as I am not familiar with how it is in other countries but that does not mean it does not apply. To continue on, we women continue to play the parts, we continue to wear the clothes, we continue to say things that not only hurt ourselves but to other ladies that certainly does not help the case and much more. It think it is in our own best interest that we begin to say NO. No, we are not going to wear that because that is degrading. No we are not going to do that because I have too much respect for myself to do that. No, we are not going to act like that because I don’t agree with that. No I am not going to say that about her because I respect her as another women herself! Granted, sometimes we don’t know what is and what is not because we have not been brought up with a level of respect from the people around us to value our bodies, to value our worth and etc but I am here to tell as many ladies as I know that we are wonderfully and fearfully made by God and he certainly does not have us this way to be mis-used and disrespected.

You see, I think it really has to start with US ladies if we want to see a change. A change in the media, a change in the magazines, a change in the conversations among the youth and young adults and just as a whole in everything. Furthermore, it starts with each one of us individually. We have to respect ourselves enough then let our friends know that we do then they may let their friends know that and the message is extended. It’s not fully up to the “men” to just change their ways and stop. We women have to stop degrading other girls with our speech and start respecting each other. We women have to stop giving in to what they say and start demanding a say in what is NOT going to happen because we have built up a standard for ourselves. We can NOT be motivated by the mighty dollar that we are just willing to do anything. Money comes and goes but we are worth so much more than petty cash. We can not put up with this from men, nor can we from ourselves, nor as a collective. It’s not okay and we have to tell ourselves and as many ladies out there, that it is not okay. What do you guys think ? I know it’s more complicated then discussed as there are a lot of areas I did not touch on but for the sake of this post, I want to know what you guys think about it..Ladies and Gentleman.

Psalms 139:14:I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

~ Bre

Have a wonderful and safe week! May God give you strength, courage and peace 🙂


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